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We are on a roll this week!  With this slew of new VM’s up on Vulnhub, there is plenty to keep me busy.  Today’s episode: Sedna. Sedna is the “Intermediate” difficulty VM in a progressively more difficult 3 part series. Let’s see if it lives up to the difficulty rating.   As per the norm, […]


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Onto the second VM for the night: Quaoar.  With a difficulty of “Easy”, this should hopefully be a piece of cake.   When booting the VM for the first time, we were given the VM’s IP address (, so let’s start with a comprehensive nmap scan to find any interesting ports open:

  HTTP […]


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I have returned!  Now that I’ve finally gotten the OSCP, I can start doing writeups again.  And as luck would have it, Vulnhub has a bunch of new VM’s for us to root.   Today’s victim: Pluck To start things off, let’s run an nmap scan against the target (This VM lets you know what […]

Wallaby’s: Nightmare

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Since I failed my first attempt at the OSCP, I’ve been on a holiday hiatus.  Now that I’m back and prepping for round 2 of the OSCP exam, I thought I’d try a VM or two out to get my senses about me. As usual, let’s start off with a quick scan of the network: […]

Breach 2.1

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This is another VM I had to put down for a while, but after some much needed time away, I was finally able to get past that wall.  Let’s get started! Let’s get those nmap scans out of the way:

  We’ve got rpc, more rpc, and SSH.  Hooookay.  Well, let’s see what lies […]

Pwnlab: Init

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Since discovering, I’ve been on a bit of a binge.  I use the excuse that hacking all these VMs is helping me prepare for the OSCP, but really, it’s just loads of fun. We’re going to start with this VM, Pwnlab: Init, since it’s my most recent success.  As is customary for me, I […]